Yorkshire puddings

I was born in Yorkshire, I live in Yorkshire, I am Yorkshire through and through, so why oh why can I not make Yorkshire Puddings that rise and look pretty?

I tried again tonight. I appeared calm, I was not about to let the batter know I felt nervous. Everything was going great…the batter was smooth, the pudding tray was hot. I poured in the mixture, it sizzled and I smelled victory! I looked through the glass in the oven, they were rising…yes!! Then they didn’t rise any more, they just stayed there and turned golden brown. Victory ebbed away.

But,  I   w i l l   n o t   b e   b e a t e n!  I will conquer the great Y o r k s h i r e  P u d d i n g! I must for I am from Yorkshire!!

Questions need answering here:

Did I have the fat hot enough in the tin? – I think so.

Was the batter mixed correctly? – I did what the Be-Ro cook book said.

Should all Yorkshire people be able to make Yorkshire Puddings? Erm…not sure about that one!

My Nan made  a m a z i n g  Yorkshire Puds, I wish she had told me her secret! But, I will not be deterred, because even though the ones I made today looked a little like they had been stamped on, they did taste great, so that’s half the battle!

Here’s the Be-Ro recipe if you fancy making some, however,  if they look better than mine I don’t want to know…only kidding!

Have a great week ahead!

Jane x