Decisions, decisions

Hello there and how are you today? Good I hope!

We have friends coming for a meal on Saturday evening and one of them is a very good cook, to say the least! The last couple of times I have asked them round I have not been 100% happy with my offerings (apart from a very nice vanilla cheese cake) so this time I am out to nail it!!

Now, I am not trying to prove anything to anyone else just myself. This journey is for me, but if I can offer up some good grub to people I love on the way, then that’s got to be a good thing, right?

I have already decided on the tomato and thyme cod for the main (tried and tested) but I just could not decide what to do for a starter. I usually do bread, dips and olives but they may be a little bored with that (if this is indeed possible?) So I trawled cookery books and the internet and have settled on Halloumi Salad with Herby Yogurt Dressing, sounds delish doesn’t it? I absolutely love Halloumi but have never cooked with it myself so I am very much looking forward to having a go!

Now, I could be getting a bit over excited here, but I may even throw an Avocado Salad in there too!!! I did originally decide on this but my husband pulled a face, though I know our friends will appreciate it. I love avocado even though, like halloumi, I have never used them in my cooking before.

I have so much to learn don’t I?

Anyway, wish me luck and I will let you know how I get on.

Do you have any dinner plans for the weekend? I’d love to know what you are cooking!

Take care

Jane x


It started with a dish…

…never thought it would come to this!

Hi there and welcome to my new blog where I am hoping to share with you my journey of culinary discovery.

For a while now I have felt in a real cooking rut, making things that taste good enough, but fail to inspire me. Now don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not expecting to come out of this cooking like a professional, just hopefully a little more confident in my abilities.

I made the definite decision to set up this new blog ‘my adventures with food’ after cooking a wonderfully easy fish dish yesterday, which you can find over on my other blog kooksgingerboy. It took 25 minutes to make and was so delicious, I just thought, why can’t I do this more often? So here my journey begins and I am excited!

I guess alongside being a culinary journey this blog will also be a great reference to a whole load of new and wonderful taste experiences that I will be able to use again and again. I hope you will join me along the road from time to time and hey, maybe we can swap a few tips and recipes?

Jane x