A simple quiche…made not-so-simple

I had a lot of peppers in the fridge and my neighbour left me some eggs when she went away on Saturday so I decided I would have a go at making a ‘simple’ quiche. Well…that was the plan anyway. I am still laughing at myself now as I write this because I must have looked like such a buffoon earlier in the kitchen!

It started off well…I even made my own shortcrust pastry and pastry is definitely not high on my can do list! But I thought flour, butter, salt and water what could go wrong?

Here it is ready to be rolled out…

…and post rolling, not too bad, a few bits had to be patched around the edge but that’s okay…right?

I softened the onions and peppers and popped them in the pastry base…

…I added the pepper spotted milk and eggs and topped it with cheese…

…and that’s when it became a not-so-simple quiche!

The loose bottomed tin I was using together with the fact that I had obviously not patched the pastry up as well as I thought caused rather a large and eggy leak!!


It was hot, I was sweating, I was panicking, I wanted to swear (a lot), I didn’t because my son was there, I plugged the leak with foil, it stopped (sort of), I shoved it in the oven quickly and prayed…

…then I laughed, a lot! I wish you could have seen me dancing round the kitchen like a lunatic!!

But, believe it or not all was well and 40 minutes later I removed a rather battle weary but non-the-less very tasty red and yellow pepper quiche from the oven and ate it happily with a green salad!

Even my son, who claims not to like peppers, ate some and loved it!

My journey continues…but that’s one wrong turn I will not be taking again!!

Lesson learned today: Don’t roll your pastry too thin or it tears, then you will have to patch it and if it is not patched correctly your quiche filling will leak all over the hob.

I hope the start of the week has been a good one for you? Mine was eggy but great!!

Jane x


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