A great night…

…and the food seemed to go down pretty well with everyone! As I said in my last post, our friends would eat anything I gave them but they did seem to really enjoy the meal last night, which is always a bonus!

I absolutely love the Halloumi Salad with Herby Yogurt Dressing! The combination of the creaminess of the halloumi and the sharpness of the dressing was really lovely. It’s something I would certainly make again as it would make a really nice quick and easy dinner with some crusty bread. The dressing could be used on just a plain salad too or even with chicken instead of halloumi. It would also go very well with onion bhajis as it is very similar to rhaitha which consists of yogurt, mint, cucumber and lemon juice

Now I need to go and search for my next new recipe to try…what shall I go for? Italian, Indian, Spanish? Who knows, but whatever I try I am determined to have fun with it!

I hope you are having a lovely, relaxing Sunday.

Jane x

how to make this tasty and very simple (has to be for me!!) dressing…


4 thoughts on “A great night…

    • Thank you so much Sonia, that is so kind of you. I really need to do this as I want to become a better cook for myself and my family. There are certain things I would love to learn how to cook for instance; a really authentic tasting curry. Let’s see where the journey takes me?

      How are you doing my friend? I hope life is treating you well! I am sure I could learn some culinary skills from you!!! I remember learning how to make palmiers from you! Take care and have a wonderful new week xxxx

    • Thanks Elizabeth! It really was a great night, lots and lots of laughter!!! I am going to be popping over to your blog and trying out some of your Menu Plan Monday recipes for sure!! Have a great day too! J xxx

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